Community Nursing Services You Can Count On

Precious Care Qld offers personal nursing and clinical services to its members. Community Nursing Care is offered to people who have complex health issues that only a healthcare professional can take care of.

Ensuring health confidence for those in need.

We have a team of registered nurses with years of experience ready to assist you. For patients who want to avoid commuting from their homes, this nursing service may be a solution that’s perfect for them.

A registered nurse provides the patient with any care they need. Services offered include:

  • Care following a hospital stay
  • Medication administration etc
  • Catheter management
  • Bowel care
  • Enteral feeding management
  • Wound care management.
  • General check-ups

Precious Care Qld offers a range of community nursing services for seniors who have mobility difficulties or live far away from healthcare facilities.

Any further questions? Like to speak to one of our registered nurses, please call or contact us.