Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Precious Care Qld offers the best community support services. Our specialist teams provide social, emotional, and physical assistance to young, elderly, and disabled clients.

Experience your community with confidence

We get you access to the best community support services when it comes to social and leisure ventures. We ensure that our members receive strong relationships with separate members in the community. In addition, our experts help them keep in contact with friends and relatives.

Also, we make sure that constant recreational activities keep our members entertained. Our experienced team also ensure that they develop individual activity plans according to all members’ needs. 

One of our significant activities includes encouraging our client’s self-esteem. We guarantee that our members get only the best services available.

These include:

  • Visit community events
  • Attend development courses
  • Join a social group
  • Take a holiday
  • Join a sporting club.
  • Visit the local library
  • See a movie or a concert

Any further questions? Like to speak to one of our experienced team members, please call or contact us.